In 1973 Rev. Brown was led of the Lord to establish a church in Kingsville, TX. Within a couple of years, he had purchased land and was making preparations to build a building, when the Church of Christ approached him with a proposal. They wanted to build a new church and were interested in trading their current facility for the land that he was going to build on. The two churches quickly negotiated the terms of the trade and Pastor Brown moved his fledgling congregation to their new home at 508 South 10th Street (at the corner of S.10th & Huisache) Kingsville, TX.
In 1975 Pastor Brown resigned as pastor of The First United Pentecostal Church of Kingsville and a new pastor, Rev. Shaw was elected. The congregation continued to grow under his leadership until he felt called to pastor in another city in 1977. At that time the church elected Rev.
Douglas Hicks as their new pastor. Under he and his wife’s leadership the church grew and over the next thirty five years they baptized around 600 people in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ. Rev. Hicks is a respected man in the Kingsville community having served as a City Commissioner and even as Mayor for a short while. He remains a business owner and resident of the Kingsville area. The FaithPoint Family is forever grateful for Pastor & Sis. Hicks and their leadership over the years.
In October 2012, Pastor Hicks announced his retirement, and the church elected Pastor Charles & “Lady H” Harris as pastors. The church began a restructuring that included a name change from First United Pentecostal Church to FaithPoint Church. A new name in an old location with the same message, but new methods. 
In February 2017 Pastor Charles & “Lady H” felt the call and pull of God to Sanctuary of Hope in Livingston, TX, who had just lost their pastor in a terrible car wreck. Although the Harris’ loved Faithpoint Church, God had different plans. They left an incrediple impression on the church congregation and still are held to the highest respect. 
In May of 2017, The FaithPoint church officially voted in Joel and Melony Hammond as pastor and first lady. They have lifted spirits to everyone they come into contact with. Their love and devotion to the church definitely shows through the way they live their lives and the way they love. They believe God has a restoration and revival for the city of Kingsville coming. The congregation backs them up 100%. Kingsville is turning into a city where the people know who the One True King is!
Come join our revival!